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This guide describes all the game locations you will be surviving in.

Currently there are three islands in the game (the fourth one will be added in 1.2.0), each island contains locations you can see as tiles on the minimap. In case you are wondering, the chosen game difficulty does not affect basic aspects of the game described in text below in any way.


To travel between the islands, you need to find a boat on the right side of the map. It spawns randomly each time there.
To travel from the first island to the second island, you need wood piles for repairs, and to move from the second island to the third island you need to find a duct tape for the necessary repairs.
In the update 1.2.0, to move from the third island to the fourth island you will need gasoline to fuel the boat.
On every new island, the overall world temperature goes down.

  • The first island: 20 villages, 3 cities, fire station and a hospital.
  • The second island: 15 villages, 5 cities, 2 fire stations, 2 hospitals and 3 military bases.
  • The third island: 6 villages, 10 cities, 3 fire stations, 3 hospitals and 6 military bases.

General locations

  • Forests – They are very common on each island, you can find berry bushes, deer stands, old bunkers and secret locations (more info about this is below).
  • Lakes – Sometimes lakes spawn instead of forests. Here you can usually find cloudberries.
  • Villages – The most common game location. Their layout may differ, they may also contain different buildings, like a church, warehouses, school, etc. Sometimes you can find a water pump in villages.
  • Fire stations – For sure, you will find a water pump here, and there is a good chance to find an axe or other useful gear.
  • Hospitals – Obviously you can find medicine and some gear there.
  • Cities – City buildings contain more high-level gear than villages. Cities never have water pumps.
  • Military bases – The best place to find top loot and firearms in the game. Be prepared for infected soldiers who are sure to lurk here!
  • Checkpoints – They usually spawn on crossroads, they are not highlighted on the minimap and look like a regular crossroad. Here you will always meet infected soldiers.

Secret locations

Secret locations vary. You have already seen a lot of them on screenshots (radio tower or KV2 tank for example). On each island, one random secret location spawns in the forest (about 10 cases). It has a small icon as the forest on the minimap. To find a secret location, you need to know it never borders with any location, road or edge of the map. It is always surrounded by lakes or forest tiles.

Military crash sites

Broken military vehicles are located on random places on the map such as Hummers and helicopters. Hummers always spawn on roads and some other locations. Helicopters, on the other hand, can always be encountered in forests.
There is only one Hummer on the first island.
On the second island, you can find two helicopters and three Hummers.
On the third island, you should look for three helicopters and five Hummers.
If you find a radio, you can scan nearby locations (tiles 10x10) for these military vehicles.

Keep surviving!

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