Mini DAYZ guide: Melee weapons

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Melee weapons stats, actual for 1.2.1
Each melee weapon has its own parameters in: medium damage, chance to deal critical damage, chance to block a melee attack, reload time between swings and depletion of condition for each strike.

• Damage
Player deals damage each X seconds shown in the chart. On each strike, medium damage gains randomly +-25% to its own value. For example, if the medium damage is 40, the result will be between 30 and 50. 
When this chance of Crit damage from the chart is calculated, there is a chance this hit is Crit, as per the chart. If this is the case, the damage doubles.

• Blocking
Chance to block melee attacks (survivors, the infected, wolves) exist for every melee weapon. To block the attacks, your melee weapon must be held in your hands. When blocking, you will see a green shield icon on your character for each blocked attack. The best weapons for self-defense in the game are the longest ones, such as shovel, pickaxe, pitchfork and sledgehammer.

• Perks
Perks "Blocker" and "Puncher" adds additional 10% to chances of blocking and dealing a Crit accordingly.

• Condition
Each weapon has its own durability decrease speed. In the update 1.2.1, the overall depletion speed of melee weapons has been lowered. The most wear-resistant weapons are the metal ones, such as crowbar, fire axe, pipe wrench. Baseball bat and other wooden weapons wear off faster. If a weapon wears off fully, it starts to deal 15 medium damage and no Crits.

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