Mini DAYZ guide: Sidearms

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Sidearms have the following parameters, so let’s see what they mean.

  • Damage – damage per each shot.
  • Basic spread – a spread cone in degrees where the bullets fly after pressing the trigger, with the maximum aim (green cone).
  • Spread per shot – a cone showing the spread increase per shot.
  • Aim speed – aim speed at a target after shooting or running.
  • Run penalty – speed of spread increase when running.
  • Ammo type and mag size are self-explanatory.
  • Headshots 
    A headshot can be dealt only when shooting with the maximum aim (green crosshair). Chance over distance is usually 5-20%.
    Dealing a headshot inflicts triple damage to the target. The chance to deal a headshot can be increased by +5% with the "Sharpshooter" perk.
  • Condition
    Condition does not affect the weapon stats until it drops to zero. When the condition hits zero, the weapon is ruined and stops shooting. It cannot be repaired with a cleaning kit.
  • Sawed-off weapons
    Mosin Nagant and the IZH shotgun can be sawed off with a hacksaw. Such weapons lose accuracy but keep the original power.

The next guide will be about ranged weapons, so stay tuned survivors!

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