Mini DAYZ: The new update 1.2.0 is out!

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  • By Mini Dayz team
Post main image © Screenshot from Mini DAYZ [Photos Credit: Bohemia Interactive a.s.]

Hello survivors!

First of all, we would like to say a big THANK YOU for your support and understanding - we are totally aware it took quite some time to release the new update. However, we promise we have been hard at work at all times to improve Mini DAYZ with new features and improvements, and we do hope it was worth all the waiting!
Also, as we read every single feedback from you on each channel, we know how eager you are to see drivable cars and multiplayer mode in the game - at this point all we can say is that we are definitely considering your wishes. More specific updates will follow in the future! :)

Have a look at the changelog for 1.2.0 below and don’t forget to update:

  • 4th island added.
  • New types of secret locations added.
  • Gas stations on all islands added.
  • Gun attachments system added.
  • Underground bunkers added.
  • New game items: RDS scope, PU scope, PSO-1, ACOG, Bandolier, Silencer 5.45, Silencer 5.56, Hacksaw, Helmet, Kevlar vest, Sweater.
  • New weapons: Sword, FN-CAL, UMP45, RPK, IZH Sawed, Mosin Sawed, Rare Colt.
  • New infected types added.
  • Two new perks added.
  • Two new achievements added.
  • IZH-43 and Mosin Nagant can be sawed off for the pistol slot with the hacksaw.
  • All ranged weapons have rebalanced parameters.
  • Gear stats like heat bonus and armor bonus now show on tap.
  • New aim system showing the dispersion cone for the currently selected gun.
  • Player now aims only at enemies in the line of sight.
  • Deployed landmines and beartraps now have a red highlight.
  • Deployed civilian tents are now marked on the minimap.
  • Traders will chase the player if he attacks them.
  • Friendly bots now cannot damage the player.
  • Fixed the empty stats on the death screen.
  • General fixes.
  • Brazilian Portuguese added (now for Android).

And last but not least, we would like to finish this blog with a big THANK YOU again! Without your support, we would not have more than 6 million players already - keep playing, keep surviving. More exciting updates are yet to come!

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